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Row Boat

Row Boat

I LOVE May's kit! I find myself coming back to it again and again. I've been watching some of Ro's tutorials this weekend and had fun playing around with some techniques for this LO. For the borders I clipped paper to them and applied lighting blends. For the "This is Bliss" word art I cut the centre out of a different word art and used the outer ring to frame the bliss word art so it would match the other two charms.

I'm not sure about how I've "hung" the charms on the side - the idea is that they are hanging each from the other, but I'm not sure they look like that. I'd love some suggestions on how to make the embellishments look better.

Supplies used are EHI Up at the Villa and KSC Patternology. Font is Exmouth.

**THANKS for the suggestions re the ribbon. I've finally added a ribbon to hang the charms from and I like it much better!

    THis is great! Those photos are fantastic. My biggest questions are "Who are they?" and "What's going on these pictures?" I'm imagining dating or escaping for the afternoon. The pair of photos is intriguing. As for the charms, I have used ribbon to link them (maybe just run a ribbon behind the three of them) to give them a base. I've also used bows at the top of each charm to make it seem as if each is "tied" to the LO. Just some thoughts. If the story behind these photos is worth it (and by my imagination/estimation it has to be), what about a page 2 to include the charms and the story. you've done lovely work!


    P.S. Here's a link to a page I did where I hung photos from a ribbon Christmas Traditions. Maybe this would work for you????
    Thanks, Debbie. Sorry I forgot to include the details about the photo! I don't have a story because I have no idea about the time they were taken. They are my parents and the photos were taken 4 montsh before they were married. All I know is the place & date from the slide, which I've included. So there's no journalling to add, and since the LO is for an album I'm making for my parents, they'll know more than I do. :-)

    Thanks for your suggestions. I did have a ribbon behind the charms and I couldn't make it look right. I'll play around with that a bit more and see if I can make it work.
    What neat photos! I love the way the collection looks with them. I like the suggestion for the ribbon to tie them together, I think that would look nice.
    OMG! This is so nice! Your parents will absolutely love this. I bet just seeing this will make them smile and bring back some wonderful memories! You've done a wonderful job here!
    Love the kit, too! It is perfect for these photos! Like the composition of your LO and I agree that a ribbon behind the charms may give you just the look you're going for! Good job!
    Wow, amazing photos! Fantastic layout. Love the charms and ribbon on the side.

    I missed this one Heather... Great "period layout". The May kit colors & patterns are perfect for these photos... I was immediately thinking to myself, "hmmmm, looks like 40's or 50's".
    I agree with Debbie about the journaling. I want to KNOW (you know how nosey I am!)... Seems like a great conversation to have with your parents. Or if not that, taking the bits that you do know and parleying that into something that ties in to "the parents you know" or even your own life. I am struck that "outdoorsy, camping on the lake" MUST be in your genes.
    yeah yeah I know... camping BY the lake, not ON the lake.