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Horsey Hundred 2008

Horsey Hundred 2008

For this year's Horsey Hundred, we all opted for the "Hilly 77 miles" option- whooooeee! Yep, it was hilly, my legs still feel like Jello. The good news is, there was a veteran cyclist there who said that if I could do this ride, I can do Marion- which is good, because that's in just two weeks.

Supplies used:

Sheri Jones- Cabana Collection
Rob Schneider- Bike Parts Digital Stickers
Amanda McGee- License Plate Embellishment Template and Styles


    Jill what a great layout! I love the gears, the journaling AND I love all those great photos and the way you positioned them! WTG completing the ride --- wonderful layout!
    Beautiful LO! Great style! I think it's hard to drive my car that far - great accomplishment!
    Wonderful layou, Jill! The positioning of the photos and the gears give such great emphasis to the riders spinning up and down all the hills. And I love the license plate.
    I agree with evryone else with the positioning of the photos and the gears are a great touch. Good on you for completeing this.
    Lovely work.

    Great choice of colours - the layout really flows over the page.

    As a fellow cyclist, this naturally caught my eye immediately. Nice layout. Love the colours and the placement of photos and accents.
    Love the gears in teh background! great 2pger:)
    WTG, Jill! Nice commemoration of a big accomplishment. Love the colors and the gears.
    Nice job - on the ride and your lo! I have to ditto what everyone else said about the photo placement, it just emphasizes that hilly ride.
    Well done-- both the layout and the ride! I really like your use of the gears and the various sizes you used-- makes me think of shifting in the hills.