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Happy Sailor

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I loved the clean look of this month's Scrap Simple brushes and embellishments, and decided not to mess with it too much. Journaling around the edge of the photo frame that says,


Hey! Why are you taking a picture of me driving the dinghy?

Because you're grinning from ear to ear.


then I must be happy!


and I just love going so fast you have to turn around to keep the camera dry and you


at me....


This is my DH's comeback for my comments like, "I love the way your muscles ripple when you take out the garbage." because he knows I hate ripping along in the dinghy and having the spray come over the front when I have my camera with me. ;^)


Sue C.


I used:


Adriadna Wiczling-My Descriptions and StampADate brushes

Amanda Sok-Dynamic stitching brushes

Brandy Hackman-Persian Breeze biggie paper (two papers)

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