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Halloween Gingerbread House

Halloween Gingerbread House


STI Errie Paper (recolored)
EHI skin Deep
AMC Action Hero
Marnie's Sketch # 19

If anyone else was tortured with constructing one of these houses kudos to you! My DMIL sent it home with my DS and I got to put it together, it fell apart twice after waiting 2 hours to dry, I was ready to throw it all down the garbage disposal by the end. He did have fun. TFL.

    Oh how cool. lol I didn't know they made those. I'll have to look for it this year...my two boys would love it. Although...what is your mixer being used for???? lol The "walls" and "roof" do come already made/baked, right? lol

    Great layout, by the way. :)
    Lovely! Looks like a lot of fun! Love the cobwebs background!