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June 08- Catch Me!

June 08- Catch Me!

I LOVE BASEBALL! Two of my boys are catchers for their teams and they have been wanting me to do a "Catch me if you can" LO. I think they will like having themselves on the computer all month!

I used:
Baseball Collage (scrap girls. . .)

    Cute desktop Kaye, and yes, I bet your boys will love it.
    This is so great Kaye. I have baseball lovers in my family too and now I see what we have in the boutique to scrap them. I absolutely love what you did with this and having those pics in front of you all month will be such a delight.
    Awww cool! I bet they will love seeing themselves on your computer! Nice LO.
    We're hot and heavy into baseball right now too! Cool pics and I like how you put them in the glove!
    Great idea!! We have a couple baseball players in our family and one of my ds's is a catcher too!! I love this idea. Great LO
    Great LO Kaye! Ooooohhhhhhh how I miss those baseball days!! Both boys played. The oldest LOVED centerfield and the younger one was pitcher and first base. I remember long summer days spent in a lawn chair cheering them on .... what fun!
    Great desktop layout! I love baseball too!
    oh! i want a boy!!

    I love the giant baseball glove!! awesome!

    Awesome Kaye!