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For Bride page 2

For Bride page 2

Here's the second page.

Full journalling reads:
When I was growing up I remember a song whose lyrics said “Beauty is as beauty does, that’s what wise men say. And if you would be beautiful, do this everyday …”. It spoke of a beauty that can only be seen through acts of kindness and generosity - that inner beauty which outshines any exterior that contains it.

When we look around this world, we can often see things that are not quite as attractive to one person as they are to another. An example, a gardener may look at a patch of dandelions and see an obnoxious weed he wishes to eradicate. However, in the hands of a child and to the eyes of his mother, it is one of the most beautiful bouquets in the world!

Life is full of hidden beauty. Cocooned within a cold, grey exterior are the rich deep hues of an agate. Layers of color are revealed in the whittling away of rock by the constant flow of a waterfall. A little brown, ugly seed can contain a beautiful apple tree, and a bulb hides within itself a lovely flower – each waiting its season to blossom, grow, and be revealed, extending joy to the onlooker. I believe this is all part of the Master’s plan and we are no exception. There is an inner beauty that is developed and strengthened through the weathering of time. It was put there in our very beginning – we can take no credit for it. This beauty that lies within each of us is waiting to be opened up and spilled out onto others. It is meant to be shared, for I don’t think we truly feel content within our inner self if we never go beyond ourselves. When shared, this is a beauty that will not fade, but only grows deeper and richer through the quiet acts of unsung kindness.

“…the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit is of great worth in God's sight.”
(1 Peter 3:4 paraphrased)


    Wow Kaye what a gorgeous layout you have done for Lei! I love the paper, the way you did the journaling AND the way you stitched Lei's beautiful flowers on to your layout! Beautiful layout!
    I love the contrast of the round and square photos, the colors, the lace, the stitching...and everything else. And, the journaling is just wonderful.
    I'm still in awe. Thank you so much for giving me such a beautiful 2 page LO Kaye!

    So so so very beautiful!
    This is so lovely and uplifting.
    Again - just beautiful! The photos are lovely and your choice of embellishments & color really enhance them!
    Great pictures, I really like the smaller zoomed in shots, they really draw you in .
    Another simply lovely and elegant layout. I love the waterfall photo, and again that lovely lace background. The light green background paper goes so well with the green in the photos.

    Kaye, this is gorgeous! It's so elegant and beautiful. I love the background and the colors. The journaling is absolutely beautiful!
    The 2nd page is as beautiful as the 1st. I love the lace--so soft and feminine. Again, the journaling is so touching. I know Lei will love what you did for her!
    Gorgeous, I love the design and the subtle colors.