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For lgsouthfla #1

This was a real challenge.... I just don't do purple! It made me really think and stretch, Linda, I hope you like it!


I used:


CFR_AVE_FunDots (recolored)


Spy Glass Brushes

ASO_SS_Tools_Glittered Jelly

MRE_Dynamic Brush_Stars

Quiggley Wiggley, Swing Set and Virgin Fonts

Purple paper created by me!

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Oh Ann I love this purple layout that you have done for Linda! I love the purple paper you created, the title, the swirls AND Linda's photo is absolutely beautiful!

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I love purple too. And this is a fabulous layout. I love the swirl on the right side and all the various shades of purple stars and dots on the left side are just great. Love, love, love purple.




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Purple is a beautiful color and I love the abundance of it here. I especially like the torn paper w/the dots and the stars bordering the LO. Linda's dd (I'm assuming) is quite the beauty as well! Great LO!

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Ann you have done so well!!!

Orange is to me as purple is to you but it is good for us to stretch ourselves and you have done so well here.

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What a fun LO, Ann! I love your purple paper ... the fun dots are perfect addition with the little stars scattered. You did such a beautiful job!

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