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End of the Day

OK, it only took me all weekend and most of this morning, but I was interrupted by the need to download all my new goodies from the boutique.


I used:






Zapfino and Parchment fonts

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Stunning Ann! What a gorgeous photo, and I love how you've blended it. The title peeking out from behind the curled edge is a lovely touch. Fantastic!

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Fabulous layout and I love how you blended the photo into the background. And what a stunning photo that is.




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WOWZA!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely Stunning Ann! I love how you did this photo and is this the 3 sisters peaks?



Those are the North and Middle Sisters...other wise known as Faith and Hope. Charity (the South Sister) is a little farther to the south. I have my camera ready every evening just in case we get a nice display!

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