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Beautiful - for Karen (kazbar73)

Beautiful - for Karen (kazbar73)

This is my 2nd LO for Karen, using her gorgeous wedding photos from 1993!

Background paper from ”Artisan Blue” by Thao Cosgrove
Alpha from “Affection” by Thao Cosgrove
Red Swirls from “All About Marriage” by Thao Cosgrove

Frames are “Enchanted Brush Set” by Erica Hite

White Foliage is ??? – HELP! I’m going totally cross-eyed...
I’ve been trying to find these for the past 24 hours...
They’re not really white, I’ve filled them with white, but they should be ScrapGirls’...

Font is Scriptina

    Beautiful is an understatement! Gorgeous bride & layout! Worth waiting for!
    A beautiful LO for a beautiful lady! I love the white flowers- even if you don;t know where they came from!
    WOW how Beautiful the Bride and the Layout! I second what Penny said!
    I know Karen will be thrilled at such a beautiful layout. She is beautiful on her wedding day and her smile gives away that's she's beautiful inside too. What a lovely tribute to her. Gorgeous.
    Gorgeous - I love the brush frame and the out of bounds technique. What a beautiful smile too.
    Cool extraction work Thess and I love that wee frame. Yep Karen is definitely gonna love these LO's
    Beautiful LO for a beautiful bride. That blue looks great with the red flowers. I also had red roses for my wedding.
    Love the white that you used for the flowers and frame against the blue. The bride looks gorgeous, and I like that the main focus is HER :D :D
    oh Thess, this is gorgeous, just like Kaz herself
    Karen how beautiful you are and Thess, Love this layout. Love how you have her out of the frame with the flowers behind her. Awesome