Christmas in June?

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Christmas in June?

My son found this little hat underneath the couch. He put it on our cat, Hercules and I snapped a picture. Since my kids are all getting to big for the Christmas picture, I made this.

I have learned a few things this week. One, I need to organize my scrapbooking goodies. Two, I need to make notes on what I create so I know what's in it, in case I want to post it. This is a perfect case in point because I only know some of it.

I used lots of ASO RockinXmas goodies.

So, onto organizing, and note taking from now on.

I figured out that I can make notes in the Photoshop elements 6.0 that I am using. It's just that I am having a hrad time adjusting to using 6.0. I just got used to 3.0. I keep missing out on using a coupon to buy the tutorials here, darn it. Maybe next time.

I have been debating over whether or not to re-work his eye or not. My friend says no, she likes it as is. So, cool beans. I think it is hilarious to have something done this early when lately life has been crazy.


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