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Altered Mini Album pic 3

Altered Mini Album pic 3


The scrapbooks I keep for my girls are separate…one for each child. Because of this, it seems like it’s rare that I actually do a page where the girls are in a picture together. Which means I have a lot of pictures that I haven’t really got to use. I decided to put some of the pictures of the girls together in a mini-book. (I ended up making two of the exact same mini-books and giving them to their grandmas.)

These $1 mini-albums that I found at Michaels actually had a little square cut out of each page for a picture to be inserted and framed. I just covered the page completely, hole and all.

I created the title for the cover in Photoshop and then printed it out and slid it in. For the remainder of the pages, I cropped a bunch of photos to the exact same size, put them all on one 12x12 background and printed them out. Then I picked a variety of background papers, mainly from the Go Boldly Collection, cropped them to the size of the pages in the mini-book, put them all on one 12x12 background and then printed them out.

All that was left to do was cut everything apart (pictures and patterned paper) and assemble the book. I added embellishments and scraps of patterned paper on pages as it fit, and added doodling and words with a black marker here and there. Once one book was done, the second one was quick and easy to assemble.

    You are the most TALENTED scrapbabe ever, Mandy! This is spectacular! Funny that MOST of my pictures are of the girls TOGETHER! I have just the opposite problem! This is so inspiring to make me do one just like it. You rock, girl! :dancingelephant:
    Great work Mandy...Your so good at this stuff!!
    Mandy, you never cease to amaze me! Of course I noticed this album in the NL but to see these example here in the gallery where you can get a closer look just makes me appreciate the work you do even more! WHen the girls grow up they are going to love looking through this album of the two of them together :)
    Wow, Mandy! This is so cool! Your work is always quite the inspiration. How do you have time to do all of this? :)
    Feb 28 2006 03:18 PM
    This is adorable! What a great way to use those pictures. You are very talented. All the designers have so much to offer & their collections are so great but I must admit, I'm always drawn to your stuff. The colors, textures, elements, etc. that you offer are exactly what I would do if I could design stuff! Keep up the great work!
    Mar 26 2006 06:06 PM
    thank you for great sample! I love it..
    this is really cool. love the idea, i also have some dual pics that i can't decided what to do with. i may try something along this line. great job on your books, TFS