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Tom & Candy

Tom & Candy

I have so much that I've purchased and have not yet used, that I wanted to challenge myself to use only those products that have been previously untouched. Here is my first project. CC is welcome.

See the Details for the products used.

    What a cool lo. I really like what you did with the puzzle pieces and colors are a good choice. Your cats are beautiful, too.
    I Love Cats!

    This is great! Good fun Layout!

    Love the jigsaw effect!

    Super - Thanks for sharing!
    I'm lovin the Lo's with the puzzle pieces. This looks great. Nice looking cats!!!!
    This is really cute! What a creative idea!
    How fun!! Great job with your new 'toys'!! Those puzzle pieces do add flare to a LO! Love the cats too!
    Like the puzzle pieces for the frames and the embellishments! Good job!
    Very nice LO, very effective with the puzzle pieces
    WOW This is absolutely COOL! I love it...great job on using the puzzle pieces :)
    Sometimes animals can be so hard to present in an eye catching way but you have done a great job with this.Great photos,great choice of colours and a great embellishment cluster