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The whole of this page can be seen here. This is a technique that I've been wanting to try and this center photo was perfect for it. I thought it worked out OK - and was a fun thing for a couple of high-spirited teen-agers.

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Patty Anne, Megan says "Oh my gosh Mom! This is so phat! Can we call Kyla? Can you print it? Tell Aunt Patty THANK YOU!"

Of course, there was no pause for any puncuation when she said it. LOL I think you are a hit. ;)

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Fabulous one half of the whole. Just love it and that black edging around the background paper and the photo. Wonderful job you did on all of the layouts.



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PattyAnne's these 2 pages are absolutely fantastic --- AND you are definitely right, these photos were perfect for your techinique!

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What a beautiful young lady! Full of energy and personality. I love the colors.

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