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The whole of this page can be seen here This is a technique that I've been wanting to try and this center photo was perfect for it. I thought it worked out OK - and was a fun thing for a couple of high-spirited teen-agers.

    Megan for sure is gonna put this in her album! She's gonna love it and so will Gina!
    Megan is GOING TO thing this is "PHAT" which is good! I love what you did great LO! I just love it!
    Patty Annne, this is absolutely wonderful. The girls are going to love it. The multiframe technique is fantastic and both Megan and Kyla are going to want a copy. Thank you so much, it is just perfect.
    Fabulous other half of the layout. Love them all.

    It turned out so cool!!!!!! Ofcourse the pink and black got my attention the the cut up photos..then I saw your name and I smiled.

    PattyAnne your layouts are beautiful - fun - energeticly perfect! Awesome layouts for Gina!
    I had to study these to get the entire LO !! The pink and black are awesome and I love how you arranged the single photo, You have done an outstanding job !!!
    I just noticed the black frame around the smaller photo. So cute! What a pretty, happy teen!