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Cold Call

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Cold Call

Sketch challenge entry at another site.

Journaling reads:

The day after Ben and Mike drew pictures in chalk on the front porch, Ben decided that he was going to use the phone they had drawn to make a call. He pressed the buttons while making some beeping sounds, bent over, and put his ear to the phone on the cold cement. After he was finished with his call, he stood up, shivered and said “Cold.” While he didn’t put his ear to the ground again, he did continue to dial the phone. The chalk left on his cheek was the only reminder of his cold call.
November 2005

    dont kids say and do the cutest things

    love how you have used numbers in background paper[clever]
    This is adorable! I love the photo with the chalk on the face. Great job.
    that is too cute jen!!! he's adorable!!
    Mar 04 2006 02:02 AM
    This made me just giggle. Darling!