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Birthday Cake Madness

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Pics of me slaving over Sawyer's 5th Birthday Cake.

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Thank god there's moms like you in the world! Your son will be so grateful as he gets older & realizes how much time and careful thought you put into giving him something so special each year!! And now a wonderful page to always remind him!

(I on the other hand am teaching my daughters the lazy convience of the bakery department at the neighborhood grocery store! lol)

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Guest Peppi

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I do believe the same! I love baking the cake most when we celebrate a birthday and the boys can choose what they want! Cool LO and wonderful cake!

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Fabulous job on that cake. My mom did whatever we wanted for our cakes too. Love the colors and papers you used. Wonderful page!

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Whoa! YOU are my superhero! What an amazing cake. I think it's awesome that you scrapped it, too. How cool!!!

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