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I am SOOOOOoooooo excited to be the Scrap Girls member of the month. I was supposed to tell a little about myself, and this seemed the most appropriate manner!

    Kaye this is just fabulous!!! What a neat way to say a bit about your self. Love the I..... and then all the different statements.
    You covered alot of yourself in such an easy and exciting way to read. Awesome!!!
    This is a great layout, Kaye! It's wonderful to get to know you a little better. Congratulations on being SG's member of the month! :D
    This is wonderful, interesting and beautiful at the same time! Thank you for getting to know you better! Enjoy YOUR month!
    This is FABULOUS! You conveyed so much about yourself - not only with the things that you told us here, but that you made this wonderful & pretty layout to tell us. Love it! Love Love Love it!
    Kaye, thanks for sharing the layout about you! and you look great in coral!
    Beautiful page!!!!
    Congrats again on being member of the month.

    Have to admit, I'm a little jealous of the Prius. LOL.
    what a totally cool way of telling us about yourself Kaye, and you sure look good in coral. gorgeous layout indeed
    Kaye what a wonderful way to tell us about yourself and congrats at being SG member of the month. Well deserved.
    Gorgeous LO and so wonderful to learn more about You!
    Kaye - a FABULOUS LO - and what a GREAT way of sharing your life with us!

    We have a lot in common - except the losing weight (have to work on that one!)

    But, love the gospel, being retired, cribbage, dogs, baking, and many other things!

    Great to know...