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Splatter Dog

Splatter Dog

My mini doxie digs the beach - especially the sand dunes... that's why we call her "Dune Doggie"!

    NICE! You did a great job with the colors Betsy gave us! ^5!
    love the pose and the little pink collar of course.
    Great paper, gotta love them mini doxies, we call one of mine: dirt devil. He's been chasing moles in the backyard much to DH's chagrin. There are trenches everywhere.

    Like how the pink picks up her collar.
    Yes, gotta love the dog! She is totally in charge!

    Now I have to go back and "repair" the layout - ok, "fine tune" it; my digi skills are lacking...
    I love that the collar matches the pink perfectly! Nice touch (or was it a coincidence?)
    So cute! Love that bright green, and love how you toned it down a little.

    Great job!