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Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Here's my shot at Betty's noon crop challenge: Chocolate Brown and Rose Pink. I created the polka dot background just from shape cutouts and a round brush (with my new graphics tablet and pen, wohoo!), clipped the 'paint chip' from the image we used for color inspiration then screened it for a vellum look, and played with the magnetic lasso tool to color in Tonya's flower doodle. The picture is of a watercolor self-portrait I painted about a year ago for a class.

    this is way cool and love the mix of colours, love the little colour chart on bottom too
    scraps, this is BEAUTIFUL! WTG on meeting the challenge head on and really coming up with an incredible LO! Betsy will be so proud!

    Love the self portrait, so cute. Great use of all your elements and the paint chip was genius. Can't wait to see more of your layouts!
    Feb 28 2006 02:49 PM
    Love the colors you chose to use. You're a wonderful artist. Parts of your self-portrait are so real-to-life...like your eyes...the glint of light captured. The curvature of your glasses too. Great job!
    Love the colors and the circles. That self-portrait is pretty inspiring to me for sure so TFS it with us, :). Wonderful self-portrait for sure, :).
    I love the Self Portrait, oh how I wish I could draw or paint! The layout is definately fun and grabs me straightaway, I especiallylike the dotted background and how you've made the circles grungy in appearance :)
    Wow, you are an artist! I love the layout and the flowers and dots and everything.
    marvelous layout! the doodles add just the right touch.

    LOVE your self portrait too!
    You are so creative! This is a piece of art in itself; impressive...

    Can't wait to see your other work!
    LOVE how you used the paint chips idea! Awesome! This turned out SO COOL!
    This is soooo good, i couldn't simply do that!