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Dinner & a show


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Dinner & a show

It's been so long since I've had a cat that I forgot how hilarious they are. He cracks me up daily!

"Not the most comfortable but certainly the most entertaining"

Today's SG freebie - AMC Fruit Smoothie paper (thank you!!)
Digitreats Jump silverware
Lisa Minor ABCRun pocket envelope
JillCreation Hacienda frame w/ribbon
font: John Handy LET
...also the plate I made from two circles

    Every so often my husband and I sit and wonder what we every did for entertainment before we got our cat. Poor Picasso is so used to being laughed at, he doesn't even get offended.

    I love your use of colour and your beautiful kitty. It's simple and its beautiful.
    This is just too cute. I like the place setting embellishment and the plate that you made for your title.
    This is hilarious! The photo, not the LO. I like the B&W photo with the colorful papers. Very cute.
    LOL!!!! kitty has to get leverage, heehee:) wonderful job!