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Ballet 1X

Ballet 1X

Oh what she will accomplish when she puts her mind to it!

using my Allure Collection (colorized)

stitches from Icy Embellishment Mini

    What beautiful form! As a young dancer, she sure is elegant. The colorized papers work really well with the colors of the photo. I LOVE the composition of this layout. Simple but clean and strong!
    Dinny! This is ASTOUNDING. The stiches are SO REAL, and your enthusiasm is SO clear in the journaling and the comment on the photo. I love it!!!
    Wonderful color choices, so warm and tranquil, perfect for the gentle concentration on her face.
    I love the way the journaling is a big part of the layout :)
    I love how the photo is so tall. Beautiful!

    Adding this one to my favorites!

    This LO is beautiful and a wonderful take on the warm colors. Very unexpected and non-traditional for ballet. I really love everything about this LO!
    What great shot! I wish I could get that close in my daughter's dance class. :)
    I love your color choice too, very different.
    Everything about this layout looks sleek and elegant. The tall cropping of the photo and the tall title I think help add to this look. It's very pretty, and I always like your journaling. And I love the bit about the "air space." Missed that on first glance at this layout, and caught it my second time around.
    Mar 02 2006 02:29 PM
    What more can I add to what has already been said? This is lovely!
    It is stunning! There isn't a lot I can say that hasn't been said already (ditto Katzkidz1dog!) but I wanted to leave a comment anyway to say I adore it, it's done something I've failed to do as of yet - make it look as though it is paper scrapped! Lovely jubbly....