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Some things never change!

Some things never change!

A Photo of my college roommate and I. I took a trip to her place for the weekend, we or course had a blast.

I used PSE 5.0
TCS GraphX Concentric Special
TCS SS Emb String Fling
SNU Hoot and Annie Word Art
SNU Mischief Maker Tag
SNU 4 X 6 Fancy Brush Frames
BVA Grungelle Brushes

I also used my new gained knowledge from my class Photo Fixes for PSE that you need to know, I touched up a few blemishes, whitened out teeth and used the clone stamp to get rid of some bar lights in the background, this is a great class, I highly recommend it to all.

    Your photo certainly does shine!!! I also like how you have framed the photo and those brushes are a really nice touch as well.
    You look very happy both! Love how you framed the photo! Lovely brushwork!