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Golden Sands - For Ngaire

Golden Sands - For Ngaire

I had a lot of fun doing this month's swap. I started working so I only had time to do one. With these beautiful pictures I was inspired to do a few :)

Ngaire, I know you can't make the chat but I hope that I have done this awesome place justice. It must have been great to grow up here.

Thank you for looking...

Look in the details for the ingredients


    Absolutely beautiful. I love how you used the photo for a background. Those shells are wonderful accents as well-- and what gorgeous photos! Fantastic page!
    Looks great! Love the blended background. Beautiful photos too!11
    Totally Beautiful Richelle! You did a wonderful job here!
    Wow doesn't that background so set off these three other photos!! I love how you have done that Richelle and the fonts are perfect for the golden sands and Ligar Bay.
    This looks wonderful, thanks so much for doing such a wonderful LO of one of my favourite places!!
    Love how you used the photo for the background. Love the old frames. This is truely a wonderful spot in NZ and you have captured it well.
    What great scenery. you've portrayed it beautifully, keeping the focus on the photos.
    How beautiful! I love the background and the embellishments! Thanks for joining the swap!
    Gorgeous pics and love the fancy title! The background close up is another wonderful touch.
    Just Beautiful! Lovely photos. I really love the shells.