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02Aug2008 Color Challenge

Sorry, tennis is a topic I know nothing about!


I needed a calendar to track days I can eat what I want on my new diet (Alternate Day Diet), so I looked for the yellow/white/green products in my digi-stash. Here is my August 2008 calendar (days with pineapples are eating days) I used: Adobe CS3, SJO_Cabana Collection; TCS_SS_DigitalLOTemp_CalendarSnapshots; KSC_Afterglow Alphabet; MST_SSTools_StylesEpoxy1801.

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Wow! What a wonderful colorful way to keep track of your diet. This looks positively edible itself with all the wonderful colors. It is such a happy calendar. Very nicely done.

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Ooh! I just love those colors! And what a great way to use a calendar! I wish you luck on your diet and hope to see you joining in on more challenges! Great job!

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Love what you've done with this. Great idea and so pretty and bright. Just looking at this great little calendar will help you stay on track.

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