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P is for Pocket

Here is an ATC for P.

Isn't it funny when you are working later at night that words can seem quite strange. I had to ask DH how to spell pocket because it just looked strange then had to get him to look at it and make sure!! :disappearing-smilie:


I used ASO Denim

BMU Table Manners

ABR His N Hers


I think that there is only E left and I have an idea for that one but its too late so if it hasn't been done tomorrow I'll do E.

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Way Cool Idea! I love it. Sorry, I'm not going to comment in all P's like you would do!


But, I love that a Pocket is your ATC... Great, Clever ATC!


And, now we have 25 Letters!


One to go!

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What a great pocket! I have the same problem with spelling words. Some times things just don't look right!

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Guest Sara Arell

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How cute, Ngaire - what a great idea you had for your layout. This is really special and unique.

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