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Love the animals

supplies AMC SS inked canvas and TCS naturescape

    Great ATC Sandi, I love the E is For Elephant card.

    And, you just finished out alphabet!

    26 letters done!! And, everyone came out to dance!

    :2468who-do-we-appreciate: :banana: :dancingchicken: :penguins: :2468who-do-we-appreciate:
    Very cool! I like the elephant skin letters. Very creative and well done!
    I love the frame and your letters! Beautiful E lephant card!
    This is a beautiful Elephant Sandi!
    Great texture on the title!! I just love the photo!
    Great E-card! (little pun there) Your elephant skin letters are inspired! I like your postage stamp photo, they both like they are enjoying the ride!
    Yah Sandi our alphabet is complete and what a way to complete it. Great way to write the word elephant, looks so cool done in the skin.
    I agree with all the comments about the letters written in "elephant hide" - great idea.
    WooHoohoo! The alphabet is complete now :dancingelephant: :dancingelephant: :dancingelephant: :dancingelephant: :dancingelephant: :dancingelephant: :dancingelephant: Pink Elephants on parade!!
    Your elephant skin letters are great! Very creative! Great way to finish off the alphabet!!!