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Z is for Zinnia

The dragonfly insisted on being in the photo, but his name was Zephyr, so that should be okay. ;)


Fonts: Zapfino and Bradley Hand


Everything else is just zazish.


© &copy ColorZaz

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Zephyr the Zany dragonfly was Zipping by Zaz's Garden Zone, a Zepplin Zealously searching for the Zestiest Zinnia to Zap his day to its Zenith! Zaz was like a Zealot full of Zeal waiting for the Zero hour when that Zoological wonder would alight so that she might Zoom in on the Zephyr Zinnia for her Z trading card about to be. B)


Catching those little critters being still enough to stay in focus is no easy task, so kudos on the picture. I love how the rest of the photo is the texture in the background - and that you put your name and year on the leaf is the perfect Zaztastic touch!

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Well, I don't think it would have been ok to have the dragonfly in the Z card - BUT you named him


So, yes, I love the Z card, it's beautiful... A great Z to add to the alpha collection!!

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Patty Anne thank you for completeing the z's in such a spectacular fashion.!!!!! :disappearing-smilie:

Carol Ann I love Zephyr landing on the Zinna!!

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Zinnia's are such a great cut flower ... I love having them in my garden because it provides so many fresh flowers for inside the house! I love the font fill! Great card Zaz!!

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