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Peacock ATC

Worked on this last night before I went to bed...heading out this morning for the Beach and the Ocean a 2 hour drive...so thought you'd enjoy this while I'm having fun!


Sf AquaClass Frame recolored with kkPeacock Gradient

Peacock2 Gradient (my own)

bkgr26 on Coaster Shadow Font

Peackock Feather PNG unknown

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Vaughnde, I absolutely love the background you used here. As you can tell, I'm in peacock mode this week too. Gorgeous!

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Oh, I love peacocks Vaughnde, and this is just a beautiful card.


Love it Vaughnde, just beautiful!

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Wow Vaughnde ... this is so beautiful. I love peacocks ... except they sure can make an awful racket at 3:00 AM !!!

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You are rockin' on these ATCs - I love the colors and the way you carried it through to the frames and the feathers.

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