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ATC Alpha W is for Watermellon


Wendee Pease

ATC Alpha W is for Watermellon

This is my first ATC. It was lots of fun to make! :)

    WOW this is Fantastic! I love it!
    Wendee you have done a wonderful first ATC. I love the ant and the way he has already tasted the W !!!! Great job.
    Thanks! It was fun figuring out how to make the W look like a slice of watermelon. :)
    This ATC is just as cute as your Siggy!!! :)
    Wow Wendee I love your first ATC --- very cute! I love your W atermelon!
    Very cool, you did a great job with that W
    This is a wonderful ATC. I can't beilieve that it is your very first... Great job!
    This is so cute Wendee! Love that little ant, and the W is really cool. Great job on this!
    Looks really yummy Wendy. great card