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Mayan Adventure


© Kaye Collins

Mayan Adventure

This was the latest Wasatch Front SG get together. Some of the girls went to the movies first and then dinner at the Mayan. Andrea was at the movie but had family committments and couldn't stay for dinner. The Mayan is a way fun, jungle themed restaurant complete with cliff divers! We had great seats for the show but were so busy talking that we hardly noticed!!!!! This event just happened to coincide with my first anniversary here at Scrap Girls. What a great year it has been!

    BTW- The people in the photo are Kaye (needadietcoke), Anna (anna), Joann (Joann B), and April (april showers)
    As always great lo Kaye! I love the spot you chose to pose for the picture! The colors and embellishments you used and made are great! I wish I could have gone. I was really bummed that I got so sick and had to miss it, but I'm glad you all had lots of fun!
    Great layout! I love the colors! And your photo is awesome!
    Ack! Kaye's being eaten alive by a gynormous creature! :)

    LOVE this layout. Kaye, you are a talented lady! I LOVE how it all works together -- the leaf is pure Genius! And I LOVE the word art, the wrap around the photos -- it's all fantabulous! The photo turned out absolutely darling -- perfect setting! I'm glad that someone thought of doing a photo there. It was really, really fun to get together with these ladies -- what a fun night! And Kaye is right -- we were all to busy chatting to notice much of the cliff diving, other than the fact it got a LOT louder in the restaurant, and it wasn't as easy to hear each other. ;)
    That looks like such a fun get-together! What a great restaurant it must be. I love the palm leaf and the background, they look very Mayan :)
    Fantastic layout - love the posing position!!!
    My little boy just asked me if those ladies knew that they were about to be "eated" by a giant turtle!
    How awesome is that! Getting together with other SG and chatting about what you all love. Great photo and I love that leaf that you used, very jungley.
    Neat layout Kaye! It was so fun chatting with you ladies again! Love the layout! :D