I made this page for my son, he's 15. let's just say that I saw this picture and thought "there is a light at the end of the tunnel!"

I used:

ABR Scenic route 12 x 12 paper brown

MariaLaFrance photosplits 2 1 Shad

BKerr Indreams: Word arts grunged, doodles, and wire squiggles


I found the file section and now am making notes there about what was used for the scrap pages. Yes, random notebooks left all over the house just are not helpful.



P.S. I had a lot of trouble with this for some reason. Newbie and all that, I've done this before so I'm not sure why this one isnt cooperating. I changed the image file to 60 x 60

If you want a better look, here is a link:


Thanks and sorry about that.

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I love how you used all the pictures to put it all together. I teach teenagers and know what you mean about light at the end of the tunnel. :disappearing-smilie: Great LO.

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WOW This is awesome! I love the breakup of the main photo with several different frames. Could you try resizing the original and saving it AS at 600x600 at 72dpi? Hope that helps!

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Everyone, thank you for the kind words. I am quite fond of this page and the photograph. when I took it, I was not sure it that it was going to work and was pleased that it did.


I will try resizing it to 600 by 600 instead of 60 by 60 and see if that helps. Thank you!

Yahoooo!! Thanks, you saved the day!!!! :dancingelephant:



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Wow I really really like this!! You have done a wonderful job. Thats such a neat creative photo and as everyone has said breaking it up with the frames like that adds even more dimension to it. Great job. Oh and do hang in there, you are right there is light at the end of the tunnel!!! Speaking from three teenagers later. They do become adorable again! :disappearing-smilie:

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