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Mess or Masterpiece Home Version

Mess or Masterpiece Home Version

So I wrote down the instructions from the 4pm crop (which happened while I was at work) to try at home when I had my real program and all my embellishments.

Now, I did go through the selection process in Word at the office, and tomorrow I'll actually do that layout and post it too lol

I kind of like how this one turned out. I probably would have left out the brushes, but hey, they were part of the instructions so I used them.

    Incredible job! :)
    awesome page! I love how your items worked so well!!

    is this an SCA event? seems really similar to pics I have!! lol
    I love your paper. Did you use brushes on the papers to make them seem part of a set? I love them, looks so cool.
    I love brushes, and use them in a lot of things but haven't yet started to really use them on my digi LOs - I must start though, lovely LO :D
    Bonnie Jean: Yes, it was at a Coronation event for the SCA. Are you SCAdian as well? Where do you play?

    Michelle: Yes, the Pearl Brush was used in eraser mode to make the dotted circles with the red background showing through and the flat bristle brush was used also as an eraser to show a bottom layer of the blue paper, and I just used my pen and graphics tablet to swirl around small lines on the blue strip and half-mat.

    Thanks ladies :)
    sadly, we aren't playing much now. We only started last summer in the Barony of Calafia in the Kingdom of Caid (San Diego/Southern CA!) but the people that got us started turned out to be not so nice people and have kind of ruined the experience for us. We still want to! I had a blast making our costumes last year! dd (3) loves her "special princess dresses!" lol I'll have to do some layouts with the the pics! Someday we want to play more, just have to figure out how to do it without these people! lol
    This came out really nice! I can't get over how many of these "messes" actually turned out to be really great layouts. Guess we can all be creative when necessary! LOL
    Oh that's too bad, Bonnie Jean! I'm guessing in a Kingdom like Caid things would be kind of spread out and it's not as easy to play with another group as it is, sometimes, in Trimaris.

    I hope you do get a chance to play more and soon! I don't know what I would do without my SCA friends--in fact I was just invited to join a household and I hold 3 Baronial offices and haven't even had my one year anniversary yet lol
    Gosh, this one turned out really good! The colors and how you used everything. It looks like it was meant to happen. Neat!
    Scraps, congrats!! we had high hopes lol but oh well. I have been "sneaking" to guild meetings when I can. I have an inkle loom and am really loving weaving! the plan when we started was to form a household of our own with this other family, one dedicated just to families with young kids. Now however, neither dh or I want to be anywhere around the husband of the good. he's a jerk to dh and very handsy with me! of course non of that happened before we joined, payed dues, registered for names, etc. lol we may try to play when we can, sneaking to do it. unfortunately this family is around us in other ways too!

    lol sorry to hijak your praise thread!!!