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Mess or Masterpiece Office Edition

Mess or Masterpiece Office Edition

Okay, so this was my first set of random items per the instructions. Since all I had to work with was MS Word and none of my downloaded elements, etc. I counted color blocks for backgrounds (hence the two greens.. go figure), and clipart for Embellishments (the cross & shamrock square, a grey rule line, and a commode--yes, I said commode). She said we could use black and white, so I did to try and break things up a bit, and the font I landed on was a symbol font. I was going to try and use it but Word wouldn't 'let' me try to type actual sentences in it and kept switching to their default Arial or TNR. To be more accurate I switched to the nearest letter font, which was Quick Type Mono, from the original symbol font, Quick Type Pi.

It's not a horrible layout, but it's not what I really wanted for this picture lol. (and yes, can you find the commodes in the layout, I did use them).

    I think you should win a prize for "Best use of a Toilet" in a layout!
    more SCA pics!! woohoo!! lol I love how you used the commodes!!! too funny!!
    This is hysterical! Very creative to use Word and the colors, clipart, etc. Well you certainly got the funniest embellishment with the commode!
    Mar 24 2006 01:30 PM
    You truly made lemonade (yummy in fact) with your lemons! Love the "fleur de toilets" ;) Great work~
    Thanks ladies :-)
    I was waiting and waiting and waiting for yours to come along. COOL.

    YOu really hid those things well.

    You'd have to know they were there to see them. LOL