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My Mess

My Mess

I started off fine...I ended up with a picture of a cat's tail that probably should have been deleted but wasn't. Then got Dinny's Black and Tan paper. And they matched beautifully. But then got an unknown blue paper with daisies all over it...gag. My three embellishments are from Talina's Football Collection...what are these anyway???? a yellow staple from Valeries Abstractions and a tag from Theresa's Signs of Spring. My brushes were Cracks from the Distressed set and a fern leaf. And my font was Andy.

So I put the fern brushes over the black/tan paper. Hid as much of the daisy paper as I could behind the cat then hit what stilled showed with the cracks brush. Ro said we could use black so add that strip and used the font and embellishments on it.

    this looks awesome!! great work! I like how you hid the blue daisy paper! lol andy is one of my favorite fonts!!!
    Great job Lori! Very creative use of what you had to work with! LOL about the daisy paper. Hmmmm guess I don't see any daisy paper coming out from you soon, eh?
    Mar 24 2006 01:33 PM
    I think the tail picture really pronounces Harry's "hairness". ;) I admire your creativity when you had to deal w/the daisy paper. Nice work~
    Hmmm... the football embellishment might be cleat lacing holes or maybe its snaps tops and bottom from pieces of equipment, etc.?

    I love the layout and I think even the blue isn't so bad... it's a good contrast to highlight the photo!
    Very, very clever solutions Lori. You did it! And I really truly do like that ferm brush stamped across the striped paper. Very nice.
    This is really cute! I'm glad you didn't delete this photo! :)
    I just love it! Harry is doing his fan dance!