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First cut


My "baby"'s (he's 3 now) first hair cut.

Journaling reads:

You were a little older than your siblings when Grandma Grant gave you your first haircut - first, you were our only baldy, and then you grew those wonderful curls - I couldn’t bring myself to have them cut off.! It probably didn’t help that you were my baby, and I knew you wouldn’t look like a baby anymore once they were gone! It was pretty long by the time we cut it, but the back was so curly you couldn’t really tell unless we stretched it out to it’s full 3 inch length!


Supplies in the details.

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This is adorable! How great that you captured this first cut. I always hate to have them lose their baby curls. They look so much older when the curls are gone. Wonderful job! He will love looking at this page and remembering his hair cut.

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ooooh the first haircut!!!!! I think that most mum's struggle with that first one!!! Yes those curls are so cute, you so want to keep them forever!!! This is a great LO remembering that first cut.

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Look at that adorable face. How cute. Like the overall design, with the lifted photo's and the fact that you got quite a number of them in one layout with out looking crowded. This is a cute one.

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How very cute! Did you save the curls? For what it's worth, he still looks like your baby to me. ^_^ These are adorable pictures and they work so well with the Pic-a-Plenty layout.

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