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Boo Hoo

Boo Hoo


ABR Paper Basic Black
BHA Grunge Frames
BVA Bits of Mesh
BVA BlsmBlmSpring (The flowers looked too happy so I recolored them to match my mood.)
ABR Sweet Whispers (recolored)
BMU Shabby Fabulous
DMI Type
VRA SS TransOvrly_Painted Edges

I lost track of all of the fonts.

You wouldn't believe how therapeutic making this lo was! By the time I thought up 'WOE is me' I was laughing to myself. My poor husband had listened to me gripe since I came home from work with a sore neck and with a ton of cold sores. Scrapping about it changed my whole bad attitude and bad day. YAH!

    I LOVE THIS! Should show it to my mom cuz she has her face like that right now too. You poor ladies! But I absolutely love the layout...a good one to make you laugh and something to remember hehe....
    What a cute and unique layout! I love it!
    The header at the bottom is fabulous! I love all the typefaces, the colors and the picture. Very expressive and SO true! LOL

    Great LO!
    I bet this was therapeutic!!! Love all those fonts and just how you created the whole LO. Very very creative. I do hope you feel better soon.
    This is fabulous and so much better than therapy! I love it!
    I love this!! I agree sometimes we just gotta let it out and have some fun with it! Way to Go! Love the different
    fonts and sayings! You've got pretty eyes :D :D
    I love this! How brave of you to just let it all out like that. :) We all have those days and I'm so glad you took advantage of it and had a bit of fun with it. You've done a marvelous job as well...all those different fonts and they're all perfect. Love the photo too! Crab on!
    This is a great layout and a great idea for a layout.... i bet it was more fun that therapy!! lol.... i have some crabby days too...i think i will do this lo one of these days.

    this lo is what scrapbooking is all about! fun and therapy! lol

    the word art is just sensational. i am putting this in my favorites
    Excellent layout for so many reasons. I respect you and anyone who is willing to admit that things are not perfect. Those who pretend they don't have these kind of days (or years) are not fooling anyone! Love the layout design - the word art is so beautifully done.
    WHat a great LO, I love when someone scraps something that is different, I like the words and the cluster you made on your photo. TFS