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Reading Interrupted.

Reading Interrupted.

I chose this book for my book club. Every time I opened it to read, my cat, Hercules would come and sit on top of the book. I finally got my son to take a picture. Then I found my other cat, Iolaus, usiing the book as a pillow. Seeing as it is a book about exceptionally well trained dogs, I had to make a scrap page.

I applied a hard edge to the photos of my cats.
PPRS adintheson
tcs scrap simple
typography ornamental
ds add one frame
I used my own photograph of the cover of the book so I assume credit should be given there as well to the illustrator of the book: jacket artwork by Debra Gill.

By the way, I was able to finish it and really enjoyed reading this book.

    This is so cute. Don't cats find the strangest spots to lay down, especially when they are not the center of attention.
    This is really COOL Val!
    This made me chuckle as I have cats, too! Very nicely done layout.
    How funny! It's crazy some of the places they get into. You can forget playing a board game in our house!
    Thanks everyone. I am in awe of the kind words you give me. Especially when I see the really good stuff other people are doing. I wish I had more time to devote to this. I could spend all day just looking at everyone's gorgeous pages. Ooohin and aahing like you're at a baby shower!
    This is so great! Perfect timing on the pics showing how your cats also love your book! Great alpha-type border.
    Very nice! Love the framing. Just like my cat, either want to "read" through osmosis or really don't want you to do anything but pay attention to them. Gotta love 'em. Love the way you blended the background and foreground papers with the frame.