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My wonderful husband

I had fun playing with Melissa Renfro's Well Loved collection here. I had the page "finished," and then I opened up one of the paper templates from the new ScrapSimple Club - Durin Eberhart's Paper Templates Fabric Arts. Oooooo! Another idea hit, so I started playing with the LO some more. Here's the finished result.


I had to stretch the frame out wider than it was originally, so the button was distorted - looked really weird, so I opened the original frame back up and selected just the button. Copied it and pasted it onto the LO and enlarged the button until it covered the distorted one.


The journaling reads:


I already know you’re an

awesome husband and father,

but how proud I was to hear

one of the young girls in our

church (whose father has no

interest in her whatsoever)

say, as she watched you

play with our kids, “Now,

THAT’S a father.” I am

so proud of you and

the example you

are to our children

and our church!


Note: It was sad to hear the girl's wistful voice as she said what she did about my DH. Clearly, she wishes her father cared, even a little, about her. But I was about to "bust my buttons" over the fact that someone else noticed how wonderful my DH is! :) Had to scrapbook it!

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This is great! It looks like he's an awesome Dad and you have some cute kids there. I love the way you used the supplies and "fixed" the button. Very clever.

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What a great tribute to your DH. It is sad that some parents miss out on their children's lives. I'm glad you have a keeper.

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really nice LO. Bet DH is busting his buttons over you too! At our house we call this "Daddy the jungle gym" (or Mommy, if appropriate).


Nice job!


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What a wonderful family and a nice tribute to your husband. It really shows how proud you are of him and what he does. This is really a beautiful LO.

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Awesome photos and I love the colors of your LO! Now that's a daddy is wonderful for all! Great job Cynthia!

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