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My Fine Feathered Friends

My Fine Feathered Friends

I just love seeing my birds every day. Right outside my "breakfast" area. (Well, we eat there for any meal. lol)
I take way too many pictures of them. This is just a "few." lol Out of the 400 or so this past week. lol

I'll be back shortly with the "journaling" on the comic strip...

The lady has a camera and she says:
Try lowering your wings a bit!
Come to the other side! I want to SEE your FACE!
Hello! I'm OVER HERE! Sip facing ME...but don't fill up!
We've still got to do the BIRDHOUSE shot!
TILT YOUR HEAD...Perfect! Thank you, and have a GREAT WINTER!
Okay...WHO'S NEXT? I want pictures of ALL of you before you head south!
Act natural...pretend I'm not even here...BEAK UP!

The birds say:
At this rate we'll all be here until SPRING!


Cracked me up!

    Charlene, this is just gorgeous! I love all the birds, and the cartoon is priceless. Hmmm . . . no, I can't imagine anyone identifying with that, can you? :D
    Charlene! This is AMAZING! Look at all your birds... cardinals, robins, jays, chickadees, doves... lucky girl! I'm SO happy for you! I'm glad you're enjoying this setup! Fun, aren't they? ;)
    I love your bird photos. They are so wonderful. So many beautiful birds. The comic strip and fun feel make this just perfect.
    This is really nice, Charlene! I think you've mastered the photo collage! I need to look at your LOs and try one for myself. Congrats on all your lovely birds...and photos. Love the hummingbird at the morning glory(?).

    Charlene, this is beautiful. I love all your bird pictures. After seeing your post about your gift, I took DH out shopping and told him I had an idea for a joint anniversary gift--one we would both enjoy. We bought a system and set it up in our front yard. It took two days for the birds to find it but since then it is a busy place. Unfortunately I work away from home and don't get to enjoy it that much. DH works nights and is home during the day and probably gets more enjoyment out of than I do.
    What wonderful photos Charlene. I love the way you've arranged them.
    Char, those photos are amazing! I love how you were able to include so many and offset them with the cartoon. It looks great!
    It's beautiful, Charlene! I'm a BIG bird lover and your pictures are just fantastic, especially the hummingbirds.
    This is a wonderful lay out. The cartoon is priceless. I can identify fully. The other morning the birds were so loud they actually called me out of the house. I had a whole bird bath full of cedar wax wings. You've done a great job of photographing ... I too take oodles of shots - well maybe not 400 but enough to make me thankful I have digital and the ability to print my own. Keep enjoying and thanks for sharing.
    WOW! You must have so much fun watching your feathered friends! Beautiful layout!