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My Fine Feathered Friends left side

My Fine Feathered Friends left side

I posted the double spread version, as well.

In case it's hard to see, here's what the cartoon says:

The lady has a camera and she says:
Try lowering your wings a bit!
Come to the other side! I want to SEE your FACE!
Hello! I'm OVER HERE! Sip facing ME...but don't fill up!
We've still got to do the BIRDHOUSE shot!
TILT YOUR HEAD...Perfect! Thank you, and have a GREAT WINTER!
Okay...WHO'S NEXT? I want pictures of ALL of you before you head south!
Act natural...pretend I'm not even here...BEAK UP!

The birds say:
At this rate we'll all be here until SPRING!


    Great layout!!! That comic strip is a perfect touch!

    Yep, some of us can certainly relate. This is a really fun LO -- love your pictures and the cartoon is perfect.
    Love this, Charlene! Creative idea to use the comic strip!
    The Cartoon is really a perfect addition to the layout!
    Your layout is such fun, and your photos are great - especially the hummer sipping from the morning glory. And as those of us addicted to bird feeding/watching/photographing know, the cartoon portrays us perfectly! Wonderful job!
    the cartoon is just such a perfect foil for the photos and the whole creative process - wonderful!
    Love the way the birds look like they are reading the cartoon! Great Job! It is so wonderful that you have so many different kinds of birds to watch and study.
    Great photos and I love the addition of the cartoon strip. Nice job Charlene.
    Too funny! This is so me AND I love "Rose is a Rose". What great assortment of birds in your yard. When I figured there was a "Burst" mode on my camera I went nuts trying to a catch a good hummer shot, NOT! It truely looks like they were posing for you. Great job on both sides of your LO.