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Ody in a dress

Ody in a dress

Had to entertain the two year old while I finished getting ready, so Daddy helped her put her dress on the cat! Male cat at that. :)

I used pieces of the Refresh 2 biggie.

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    Poor Ody!! :) What a patient and loving cat he must be to sacrifice his male dignity like that!! Great page of memories!
    These pictures are the only moments that he was in the dress. Poor cat hated it and hid shortly after!
    How adorable is this! I can just see my kids trying to dress our cats now! It just wouldn't happen! But your layout reminded me of how I used to dress our little dog when I was very young - the dog was so patient and let us do whatever we wanted to her. Your layout is very cute and will be a great memory one of these days. Thanks for making me smile and for sharing this layout.