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Fall double rainbows at WalMart

There were double rainbows outside WalMart on evening when we went. They were huge and wonderful to see.


I used the Harvest Spice collection by Shabby Princess.


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This summer we saw four (4) rainbows within two weeks. Three of them were double rainbows! The third pair even had lightning flash beside it. What an awesome sight! The fourth was just a beautiful small piece of rainbow in the evening light seen first by my 3 year old daughter. We got to see all of the rainbows while they were bright and strong. Complete awe for the beauty of God.

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Guest Sara Arell

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I think now I am going to have to make sure my camera is with me everywhere I go - you captured a wonderful shot of the rainbow and I love the way you scrapped it. Really, a double rainbow! Amazing shot. Awesome layout.

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