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This is one of the pages for my sons book Miss Mollie ...He loved this dog like she was his "real" sister.

items used:
STI Sentiment ribbon dimonds,brush class quote with USC Chelsea claire special paper
TKA Spring to life paper
KSC organica ss styles
MRE Embellishtemp lifted frame x3
flergs glitter special style
MRE Downtown photo template



    That is a magnificent quote to use for a page about a beloved pet! Very nicely done LO!
    Such cute photos. Love the quote and how you used the Downtown template on the large photo.
    Lovely layout, and I love your quotel This reminds me so much of my Sister's Lasa(sp?) Maile, who isn't with us any more.
    beautiful Caren honey, you are doing an amazing job on this book, just keep going until the end, it will only do you good.
    love ya
    I love the Quote Caren! Beautiful Layout!
    Oh Caren, what a cute little dog. Your layout is just awesome. I love everything about it. I used to have a dog that looked almost identical to this one. She was sweet and I bet this one is too.

    I really love that great peachy color with all of your photos. Great job
    Absolutely wonderful. Love the Lo, and the quote is wonderful