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Cover Page

EHI AYO Zmpg Bookworm Ppr 1

STI Hearth Cream 2 79% opacity

Abstract set 6 Brush 9 in middle of cream paper above

MRE Weathered Worn Stacked burn frame 50% mcq chocolate

BHA Tints Tatters EmbellBiggie2 InkBlotchFrame resized & reconstructed

ABR Day2Day Alpha Germany 1961 Dissolve/Innerbeveled




© © Vaughnde Edwards

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Ooh, I'm always looking at new ways to spruce up frames that I used all the time and you just showed me a new method!! I love how you brushed the inked frame on an angle. It adds just the perfect amount of interest to bring your eye to the photo!

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Vaughnde, I love this album!! The folded paper with the pins is great, and how amazing that you've preserved the memories of your parents! You are my hero(ine)!

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I like what you did with the frams ... and unexpected twist (no pun intended) that makes you come back and linger for a second look

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