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salt lake city utah

salt lake city utah

Here is one of my 1st lo's from the convention


items used:
BMU view paper sky altered, shutter white png (altered for flooring
TCS SSDLO gallery resentations PSD
ASO anodized metals & sea glass styles

    This is awesome and a VERY clever use of materials...who would have thunk it?? Thao's DLOT's are awesome aren't they?
    Gorgeous Caren! An awesome picture of Mary, Thess and you in Gardner Village!
    Oh my gosh! You rock! Already bought those awesome templates and made this wonderful layout!
    Looks great.
    Oh Caren! This looks awesome!! :D It was so cool to see a layout using Gallery so quickly.
    Wow you are fast!!!
    Great templates and great page.
    Wow. Love the easal and I was thinking that I wasn't going to buy anything this sale....
    Great layout and I really appreciate your quick use of Thao's new Gallery template so I can see how it can be used...or do I. I wasn't going to spend any more but now I think I HAVE to.
    Just love Thao's templates and you've made an awesome layout with them!! Love the photo!
    You are fast! Great layout!
    This is awesome! Now I need to go do some shopping!