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my dream VACATION

my dream VACATION

I am SO ready for spring, but a sunny vacation would be even better!

I'm taking bids for that second chair! Any takers?

Created with my Blue Sea Collection

    ME..ME..ME.. I love this collection. The colors are gorgeous and this layout showcases it perfectly!
    Nice layout. I can almost hear the ocean. :)
    I bid A MILLION DOLLARS!!! Did I win?!?! Can you tell I'm desperate? Beautiful Dinny! Wish I WERE THERE!!!
    Beautiful collection, Dinny. The colors are beautiful and I agree with Angie; using it with this photo and layout is perfect.
    thanks everybody!!

    Alright I hear 1 million... any other bids...
    going once!
    No sooner would I fork out 2 million and sit my butt in that chair I just know I'd go into labor. So as good as it sounds...I'll have to refrain from bidding.
    Seriously though, it is a really pretty collection Dinny. It's great to see something from you again. The boutique's been calling for you. :) Pretty layout too!
    Oh that looks so incredibly inviting!! Ahhhhh dream on... Great layout and a beautiful, beautiful collection!
    Love the peaceful colors you've used for this collection and this photo really shows it off. The brushwork is beautiful!
    how cute!