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Pumpkins & Trick or Treat

This is our grandchildren, Katie & Jacob, on our front porch in 2004. They were sure little then, how they do grow. Every year they come to our house after going out early, and they pass out our candy to 400 - 500 kids and we fix pizza. It is a TRADITION!!!


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What a fun Halloween layout! I love your blended photo, the embellishments you used AND I love those 2 pics of Katie & Jacob they are adorable!

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Great photos! I like the B&W photo blended into the background paper. Trick or Treating and pumpkin carving are two of our favorite activities too! :)

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This is an awesome Halloween page! Love the black and white blended photo. Love the Halloween wordart. Fantastic job on this!

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Great layout! I love the b/w photo. The orientation of the photo and placement on the layout works so well. The kids are so cute in their costumes!

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