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Somewhere over the raonbow

Somewhere over the raonbow

Here is my one for this month, better late than never

Supplies in details

    Adorable card Angela. Your photo os fantastic and I love the fairies on the wall.
    How cute is this. Love it, and great idea.
    Very clever, Ang! I love how you used your rainbow pic as overlay. Those little fairies are so cute!

    btw, you are not late ... chat is not until tomorrow!!
    Beautiful and I love the fairies
    This is Cute Angela!
    Love it Angela, Very Nice ATC!
    I really like this ATC Angela! Love the fairies sitting on the fence under the rainbow. Is that your house by any chance? Really nice ATC!
    Angela what a beautiful ATC card! I love your photo, the fairies on the fence AND I love that song!
    Such a cute use of Valerie's fairies! I'm dying to know about the place in the photo... is that someplace near you? Gorgeous setting. This is both moody and whimsical... Fairies out enjoying the sunset, seems like rainbows must follow them wherever they go, don't you think?
    I love this card; the fairies are the perfect touch to this rainbow.