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Make Believe ATC

This is for the Make Believe ATC Chat, Crop & Swap. (Sounds like a 4H function, doesn't it?) It took the "Make Believe" theme to get me off my toadstool to join in on the atc's. I hope I did it right.


The fairy is a photograph of my Father-in-law in 1912. That is HIS dad's pocketwatch that he's holding.


Supplies are all Scrap Girls:

Amanda Sok's Frippery Paper Biggie

Syndee Nuckles' Collage Art Children

Angie Briggs' Sweet Words Collection

Erica Hite's SSBrush 4x6 Enchanted


CC is encouraged and welcome!

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This is excellent! I love the photo of your father-in-law and the old pocketwatch. Adds a very vintage feel to the ATC. Great job Patty Anne!

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Wow, the history in this ATC! I really like how you used the old photo and watch, and have your avatar faded in the background, that is really cool. Very nice job.

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Patty Anne,

This is wonderful! I love the vintage photo and pocket watch. Great extractions BTW. Great job making it truly yours with these photos. Lovely colors, blending and use of the word art. I ALWAYS love seeing your work.

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This is really cute - everything works around the quote so perfectly and I love the blended "Pattyanne" in the background.

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