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After 300 photos...did we get one???

After 300 photos...did we get one???

I think most of you can relate to this layout!!!!

We needed to get a photo for our Christmas cards. After about 300 photos, we GOT ONE :)

I saw this idea in a scrapbooking book several months ago. It was so fun to do.

As you can see...we wait for the perfect photo; which of course never happens. Then, we look again and they are ALL JUST PERFECT!

We need to not look for perfection. The JOY is in what IS!


AMC Christmas Past paper and emb
KSC Legacy Film Negative
PWR 1898 Photo Frames
MRE AYO Zoom Well Loved Tag
SNU French Market clip
TCS Sktchbook lines brush
Fonts: LD Grunge, LD Underwood Pica, and LDJ Inclination

    Those pics ARE perfect!! I love cards that show personality!!! :D Thanks for reminding me that I need to do that too....
    I LOVE this!! My kids/grandkids made us a calendar several years ago where the cover was a picture of all of them together doing silly things! It was great and I still have it. We are who we are!
    Isn't that the truth! Wonderful Layout!
    Love the LO! Great pics and they are all Just Perfect!!
    This is absolutely Fantastic Lynn!
    Wow, Lynn! This is great and I love the idea. I sure can relate, too. I love your journaling and the photos really are perfect! I put it into my favorites and will show it to my now grown kids with kids of their own. It would be a great Christmas card as is.
    I love this -- how cute!! What a fabulous idea for all those goofy pictures -- I KNOW *I* can relate! :) Beautiful layout, as well. Adorable photos, and super idea!